A Workshop on Modular Forms and Related Topics
February 06-10, 2012 -  AUB, CAMS
College Hall B1
This workshop is dedicated to the memory of Marvin Knopp (1933-2011)

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  • Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Mathematics, AUB.



The workshop consists of minicourses that begins at survey level (first-year M.S. level) and ends with current research.  Lectures will be divided over four days starting from morning ending early afternoon with a possibility of short talks by other speakers
.Students who will be attending the workshop will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences.


The Workshop on Modular Forms and Related Topics has two objectives. The first is to introduce the local community to the theory of modular forms and to recent significant developments in this theory. The second objective is to encourage young Lebanese mathematicians to pursue their graduate studies in this area that has different applications in different mathematical sciences. 



Faculty and students who wish to attend the workshop are kindly requested to fill the registration form