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                                 Second Azarquiel School - Beirut June 19-26, 2011

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The “Azarquiel School in Astronomy” is named in honor of Azarquiel (Arabic: Azarqali), the most famous among the Al-Andalusian astronomers. The first school started in Granada-Spain, July 2010, and the second school is planned to be hosted at the American University of Beirut (see program & venue). The project is aimed at bringing an equal number of university students from the Arab or Middle-East on one hand, and European countries on the other, in order to promote cultural and scientific exchange between them. Promoting advanced teaching in Astronomy & Astrophysics will motivate and lead to future research activities in this exciting field.

The school can support up to 32 students from outside of Lebanon, due to budget constraints. If we manage to obtain some help from host institutions, we can raise this number to 40. Renowned experts with international reputation in their field of research will give lectures across the span of one week. These lectures will be given mainly in the morning sessions. The afternoon sessions will be dedicated for interactive discussions with the students as well as students' presentations.

The school will be held at the charming campus of the American university of Beirut (AUB) overlooking the Mediterranean. Founded in 1866, AUB has always been a place of cultural and scientific interaction between the East and the West.

Special attention will be given to the dissemination of information and to the visibility of the school and its objectives through the media. It is emphasized that this school has a mobile character and be hosted alternately in other Arabic/Middle Eastern and European Universities.



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